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Prof.C.Bibin,Dr.Deepak K B,Dr.N.Sankar Ram,Ms.G. GnanaSelvi,K.Chandrasekaran,
Kalki B,Dr.TTM.Kannan,Mr.Rajkumar.K.K,Selvaraj A,P.T.Ayswariya Lakshmi

Paper writing Help

A unique service of Paper writing help will be provided at nominal cost for the benefit of undergraduate and post graduate students .

Students who wish to get assistance for writing the paper must give the following details of their research / project work:

1.Title of the work:

2. Name of the authors and their affiliation:

3. Aim:

4.Procedure : Give the procedure in the flow chart form


6. References:

Note:Authors who wish to get Manuscript preparation assistance will be charged Rs 1000/ USD 35/ Euro 35 / 200 (CNY) in addition to publication charges .

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